Full Pedigree ~
Sam's Offspring

From the moment we laid eyes on Sam we couldn't believe he was real. We had never seen a Friesian with such a huge movement!

Sams trot is like a 17 hand warmblood with this wonderful suspension that makes his movement look effortless. He also has the most comfortable canter that is so fun to ride it takes you into another world.Pictured above is Susan Wind Bouwman riding Sam to First Place in the Friesian Extravaganza "Stallion's under saddle class

When we first saw his walk our jaws dropped! Sam had this huge walk. Top riders that have sat on him in clinics say he feels like a top sports car!

I feel very selfish as an amateur rider to be the one riding but I can't help it. This horse is my little sports car when I ride him nothing else in the world matters. I no longer think you need a big horse to compete in Dressage you just need a big mover with a wonderful willing mind like my little Sam! He makes me look like a better rider than I am.

His linear score sheet shows you what the FPS judges thought of him at the Offspring Keur!

Sam's Offspring Keuring for Fabe ~

The Offspring Keuring is a testing designed to look at a group of offspring of a particular Stallion. In this case "Fabe". All Stallions of the Netherlands have to due this for their offspring before they are given the final approval for breeding.

This was a one month test in which the FPS trainers, train them in Drachten & then the FPS judges score them during the last week of the testing just like they do for the provisional Stallion testing for walk, trot, canter, driving, show driving, trainability, under saddle. Sam was three years old when he went through this testing.

Below is a copy of the actual paperwork on Sam. His scores are the highest of any Friesian stallion currently totaling a whopping 92,2.

Currently we have several of these horses including Approved FPS/FHANA Registered Breeding Stallion Feike #395 & Performance Star Stallion Sam.

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